The History of the G4 Implant Solution

Dr. Golpa was one of the first Dentists in the U.S. to offer the All-on-4® procedure, more than a decade ago. Since that time, He and his team have dedicated themselves and performed every aspect of the procedure (planning, placement, delivery and maintenance) more than 5000 times. Through the experience of performing this procedure thousands of times, they realized that improvements and modifications could be made that would benefit the Patient and the Practice. The primary areas of improvement are planning, placement, prosthetics, patient care, and price. This led Dr. Golpa and his team to develop digital and CAD/CAM protocols that vastly improve the unpredictable methods of the past, and deliver permanent bridges with titanium framework immediately. These results are consistent, proven, and verifiable. We call this combination of protocols the G4 Implant Solution.
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The Expansion of The G4 Implant Solution

In an effort to serve our thousands of patients across the U.S., and the world, Dr Golpa and his team are expanding by opening state-of-the-art surgical clinics with advanced dental milling centers across the U.S.. He has also been training Dentist's to perform this procedure in accordance with the advanced protocols involved. Because it is not feasible to have a surgical center with milling lab in every location in the U.S., we are also training affiliate Dentists in the care and maintenance of our G4 Implant restorations. Our affiliate dental practices will be equipped to diagnose your current dental condition, determine if you are a candidate for the G4 Implant Solution, fully explain the procedure, and schedule your surgery.
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